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MM'Z Creative Solutions is an IT Product and Service Solution provider on a global consignment scale. Keeping pace with the fast changing and demanding market, technology offers integrated solutions through information and business flows. Our solutions primarily comprise state-of-the-art web, multimedia, graphic designing and consulting services for various business models across a wide range of industries.

The business strategy of MM'Z Creative Solutions is to develop customized solutions for our customers. This allows our customers to quickly market their ideas with very little investment. We deliver unmatched business value to our customers through a combination of process excellence, quality frameworks and service innovation.

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Strategy & Vision

MM'Z Creative Solutions strategies are firmly tied to the business and specific organizational goals of our clients. Our design and technology solutions exist to serve real business needs, as well as the customers (and other stakeholders) of our clients.

There is no one size fits all approach to successful online initiatives. All of our services are effective, customized solutions created to realize the goals of our clients. We are long-term partners with our clients, and strive to deliver exceptional value to our customers beyond the project engagement.

MM'Z Creative Solutions provides ultimate solutions for every establishment through the most forthcoming technologies available. Using the latest technologies, combined with strategic direction and exceptional design, we deliver innovative solutions to local, national, and international clientele.

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Mario A. Zurita is the Founder and Managing Director of the MMZ Creative Solutions. He has degrees in Computer Engineering and Business Administration. Prior to starting the company, he worked managing and leading technologies teams for Fortune 500 companies in the US. Mario is a 'hands-on' CEO; actively involved in both business and technical decisions.

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  • Hector Quintero

    CEO, Carnitas Don Alfredo

    It took me a while to find someone who could accomplish what I needed for my website. I have to say it was well worth the wait. MMZCS was a total and utter pleasure to work with. Their hard work, patience, and professionalism far exceeded my expectations. They never once made me feel like I was pestering them with questions, any ideas I had he would expand on them to make them better, and his attitude was always positive and upbeat. I always felt like my site was priority number one.

  • Irene Herrera

    President Hispano Fest

    MMZ Creative Solutions is a absolute pleasure to work with! We are a small organization and I keep a full schedule. I really appreciate MMZCS patience and positive "can do" attitude! Thank you for a job well done!

  • Grisol Lorenzana

    CEO, The Best Touch

    MMZCS totally re-did my website, which was prehistoric and very limited. Working together, we made it more modern and added so many functions and uses it is a whole new thing. I love the way it worked our aesthetically and functionally it is just what I imagined it could be. As he worked on it I kept getting new ideas and changing my mind and he never balked at anything, he was right there with me, making it happen.

  • Jay Triviny

    CEO, Edbsolutions

    MMZCS have truly impressed me beyond words. Their creative flair, response times, sensitivity to my design requests, intuitiveness, knowledge, communication, customer service, the availability of their design team, their collaborative approach, product, cost, brand... I could go on and on!

  • ED Bielawski

    CEO, Examineus

    My experience working with the MMZCS team has been really awesome. Our organization engaged MMZCS in developing three applications from scratch and this involved a lot of ideation, R&D & technology work-arounds. MMZCS has been very supportive in ensuring that the delivery was smooth & on-track. The creative juices that came from the MMZCS Design team need special thanks!

  • Valentino Sorano

    CEO, MilDiamante

    I would like to thank MMZCS for the excellent service they have provided us. They always take time to understand what we are trying to achieve and are helpful, patient and responsive. We really appreciate that things are explained in a clear and easy to understand way. Calls and emails are always returned promptly and problems are dealt with swiftly.

  • Ashley Miller

    CEO, Moodie.me

    This project consists of a comprehensive website, phone app, facebook app and twitter app all using extensive shared data. Friends can share their moods and other information with each other and around the world. The project is due to go live next month.