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Examine US - OSHA Compliance

Project Details

  • Category: Web App
  • Date: Jan 30, 2015
  • Skills: Web application boosttrap, HTML5/CSS, JavaScript, PHP
  • Client: Examine US.
  • Responsible Manager: Mario Zurita


Full Process in Case Study

The OSHA medical records retention period, in most instances, is duration of employment plus 30 years. Most medical providers only retain medical records for a fraction of the required timeframe. In the State of Illinois, for example, medical providers are only required to retain records for 10 years, well short of the OSHA requirements. See our white papers on our security or watch our video for more information.

OSHA Respirator Compliance is an online form designed for convenience and accuracy. You no longer have to print and mail forms in an unsecured manner. Save time and money with our convenient process.

  • Respirator Compliance in minutes
  • Access on any device.
  • Supporting 24 hrs
  • View your records in minutes
  • Mobile, Tablet and desktop compatible
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  • Firefighters and Healthcare Professionals
  • Medical Records Storage
  • Retention of records
  • HIPPA Compliance
  • OSHA Compliance

We designed this system to store medical records with quality assurance that you are protected by the latest levels of security and compliant with the HITECH Act. Rest assured, that you are in compliance with the OSHA medical record retention period.

Easy access to the portal for employees and employers. The ability to store vaccination and other medical records, most often requested throughout your employment. Complete the respirator questionnaire quickly on any device that allows Internet access

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